Textile Matter / Dutch Design Week

20 – 28 October 2018

An extended version of the work Larva (presented as Larvae) was exhibited in Textile Matter - an exhibition by the Swedish School of Textiles at VEEM during Dutch Design Week 2018.

’Textiles are fundamental to human existence; they surround us and influence us. This exhibition explores human needs in relation to textiles and communicate a new philosophy of how needs can be met through textiles. Inviting playfulness, interaction and reflection, Textile Matter will trigger the senses and open up for dialogue with the visitor.

Our work is fundamentally speculative. Each piece belongs to different projects that explore different elements of textile design, in method, technique and concept. Together, our projects situate us in a world where textiles are fundamental to human needs and human senses. We posit a future beyond the conventional, pushing the boundaries of textile design.’

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