Tube is the result of a self-initiated experimental workshop, exploring tubular knits and lo-fi sneaker prototyping. The main purpose of the workshop was to explore tubular knits and technically combine different bindings in socks. To put the socks into context, sneakers were explored. The sneaker prototyping broke down the qualities wearable sneakers have and interpreted them using colourful waste lo-fi materials that could be found anywhere. The socks were programmed with Stoll M1 Plus (digital knitting software) and knitted on Stoll flatbed knitting machine.

Lo-fi materials: Paper, cardboard, grip mats, balloons, yarn spools, tape, straps, felt fabric, plastic bag, sponges, fruit wrapping, bubbel wrap, toothpaste packaging, yarn, rope, egg carton.
Knitting yarns: Polyester.Bindings: Rib knit, wave knit, plain and purl.

Collaboration with Hannah Ax.